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No: 100, Juillet - Temmuz - July 2018

konuk, osman [1961] (2)

there should be an ocean in front of the dooryard
an ordinary architect would figure it out in an ordinary universe
the idea of an ocean in your service if  you want to have a bath
what else does an idea serve for, melanie

look here,  you can die at our place as no film ends in pest
you can die at our place, as we have arranged a danube for this
we have a room we call it as simmering room
body bags full of a wardrobe
the emphasis is on hung on its word
- No such a thing mentioned above
neither the vice verse is

seven cities thank you
two kings smile at you
but one pretends
whatever , this only interests me and your all poems’
it interests the experiment of shaking hands with a continent

not a decision, not a farewell, only an embarrassed hand shaking

at least,your two hands be equal for a moment
in the strengthen of embarrassed hand shaking

i couldn’t write this part at age 18
i looked at the poets who had written this, they couldn’t .
they knew very well where to born

i couldn’t write that poem in the future, melanie

you can see in some films
the child holds the barrel and looks through it
if we agree that soldier can never be existed
the soldier could be a hand maiden (with a bad translation)
our good genes might vomit our bad ones when required

looking at the date on the cover of a hand written Quran
a second that i don’t feel myself smart at all.
-just a second
there is no such a thing to appear in an insignificant shot for a second

it is valid for that crazy old man, too
-look here! old man, what do you say?

has the kid ,who will look through the barrel, come yet ?

but we can share the knowledge that `you are not perfect`
we can do this when you prostrate yourself before me
we can prostrate ourselves before me together
one day i order a friday for  you, we can go by walking
but the brotherhood will be over when you turn ignition

why should that be a misfortune
we didn’t attend the fairs before 80’s
now, there are fairs for everything
it is considered that we will change the world by going ones.
on the booths with our the most pensive and curious manner
with our manners i love you, you love me

if we agree, i am not in.

Vendredi, 07 Octobre 2011 14:33
we were fine. believing in cardful
in birthday songs and cakes and in the one blowing the candles out
in the cheerful necessity of the happiness of being born
in chemistry, measuring and scale devices
her name is fatma, we believed in fatma immediately
in sergio leone, in electrical energy
his name is ali, why shouldn’t we?

we were fine
we were explaining the second slaps by the theory of cultural diversity
the first one was improvisational
but the third one is against the human rights
we were believing in human rights
in john locke, in john wayne
in going from somewhere to another
in coats, in cotton fields, in virginia tabacco

in the wars of alives directed by deaths
but mostly in cardful
“lili marleen is so sorrowful”
we took it, accepted it; it is so sorrowful
it was somewhere here, we were believing in it too
whatever it was, there is no doubt about our believing
in handy cameras, in compassion... in renault toros
we would  nearly worship, they stopped manufactoring fortunately

we were fine
were believing in cardful, in monogamy, in surprises
in the arrogant shrinking of the lips saying surprise
in bikini islands, and in gardener trousers
in creams, in that trotsky's a good guy somehow
in berry time, in tanpınar
in the sentence, istanbul is the capital city of the world, and in wholegrain rice

in lost brothers, in dead languages, in engineers
isn't there  a nice sound in the idea of lost brother
in jodie foster, all together
in elmalılı's interpretation, a part of us
a few us in karabaş’s tajweed

in sweating, in humidity, in madonna
country is a valuable holding, in national real estate agents
in public railways and in people's highways
in yasin books with double roses
but not in purple and white afyon flowers
again in yasin books with double roses

in the wishes of take care; see you
why would we
in fountains, in archaic world, in rome and three continents
in contracts and in social insurance
in not spitting out on ground
you can spit out to the sky
while the sons of israel are killing the daughters of israel
we were fine, we were believing in cardful
Vendredi, 07 Octobre 2011 14:02